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Kurti and AAK condemn Borrell’s statement on borders and agreement between Serbia and Kosovo

Josep Borrell Fontelles; Photo: Flickr / The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain

PRISTINA – Kosovo caretaker Prime Minister Albin Kurti and the Alliance for the Future of Kosovo (AAK) today condemned a statement by EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Josep Borrell in an interview with Western Balkan media, where he has not opposed the correction of border idea as a final solution to Kosovo-Serbia disputes if the two parties agree on such a solution, reports daily Danas

Kurti says every discussion with Serbia involving change of borders is unacceptable.

“There can be no dialogue involving maps which might involve change of current border of the Republic of Kosovo”, said Kurti to Gazeta Express.

Answering to questions whether he opposes the idea on change of borders, Borrell reportedly stated that he cannot become “more catholic than Pope” and that it is up to Kosovo and Serbia to solve this issue and added that the EU’s role is to facilitate the dialogue.

According to Danas, he was asked if there were any similarities between the EU and Washington plans to resolve relations between Belgrade and Pristina, especially on border changes. He answered that “any Belgrade-Pristina agreement could have consequences for the region” and that “changing borders is a very sensitive issue.”

In an answer to Gazeta Express, the Governments spokesperson, Perparim Kryeziu, said that for Kosovo Government all discussions on Kosovo borders are unacceptable.

“Related to the statement of Mr. Borrell, the Government considers that the dialogue should be principled. We have already reiterated our position that there can be no agreement without dialogue and no dialogue with maps. To the Government of the Republic of Kosovo, negotiations involving borders of the Republic of Kosovo as a premise for an agreement, are unacceptable,” the Government’s spokesperson told.

On the other side, Kryeziu said the Government welcomed Borrell’s statements that the dialogue should be free and fair between Kosovo and Serbia and a final agreement should take into consideration the consequences that might cause in the region.

The AAK stated that Borrell’s idea of ​​changing borders is damaging peace and stability in the region.

“The inaccuracy and bias of EU High Representative Josep Borrell on the idea of ​​changing the border, is detrimental to the peace and stability of the region, and we consider it a destructive approach in relation to his role as mediator in the US-led dialogue to reach a final agreement on mutual recognition of Kosovo and Serbia within the existing borders,” it is stated in AAK’s press release.

The AAK points out that any attempt to return the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue to a vague process, without deadlines and without the principles of a dialogue, will be counterproductive and will be strongly rejected by Kosovo and its people, as it was before.

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