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Kosovo Assembly supports the new Government, Avdullah Hoti becomes the PM

Kosovo Assembly; Photo: Kosovo Assembly

PRISTINA – The Kosovo Assembly voted in favour of a new government led by Avdullah Hoti, nominated by the Democratic League of Kosovo.

The coalition government of the DLK, Alliance for the Future of Kosovo lead by Ramush Haradinaj, NISMA, Serbian List and other minority representatives was supported by 61 MPs, the minimal number of votes required for a majority.

One of the priorities of the new Kosovo Government will be to take on constitutional responsibilities for dialogue with Serbia, in co-operation with the EU and the US, but “not allowing the border to be changed or territories to be exchanged,” Hoti stated.

Hoti told that the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia on reaching a comprehensive agreement is of essential interest for Kosovo and that the Kosovo authorities will respect the Constitution during those talks.

He stated that the agreement will be based on reciprocal recognition. In that way, he said, long-term stabilization of Kosovo will be ensured, as well as membership in the UN, and membership in NATO and the EU will be guaranteed.

According to him, dialogue with Serbia requires co-operation and unity in Kosovo.

“We should all be together in the dialogue because a successful end is in the interest of everyone in Kosovo,” he added, stating that the opposition must also participate in the process.

Hoti added that the role of the EU and the United States is inseparable in that process and that they must be involved in reaching an agreement and in its implementation.

He said that the fight against the pandemic and economic recovery after the pandemic will be also be the main priorities of the new Kosovo government.

Among the priorities of the new government will be the promotion of the European integration, implementation of the reforms, as well as the fight against organized crime and corruption, the new Prime Minister said.

MPs from Vetëvendosje speak out against the new government

The new Government was voted in following the vote of no confidence in the cabinet of Albin Kurti, who was several days short of spending four months in power, first as the Prime Minister and then a head of the caretaker government.

Kurti’s Vetëvendosje Movement (LVV) and Kadri Veseli’s Democratic Party of Kosovo have spoken out against the election of a new government.

The head of the parliamentary group of the LVV, Rexhep Selimi, called the new government illegal, saying that the session on the election of the government and the attempt to form a government contradicted the results of the elections in October last year.

LVV said that any government without election is illegitimate.

Several LVV supporters gathered in front of the Assembly to support Kurti’s Government before the vote took place, KoSSev reports.

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