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Most EU Member States still closed to Serbia and Montenegro

Serbia-Hungary border crossing; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

BELGRADE – Most EU states will not yet reopen their borders to nationals from Serbia and Montenegro, although the EU Council on Tuesday recommended Member States to lift restrictions on entry from 15 listed countries, including these two, Balkan Insight reports.

For now, Montenegrins may travel to 10 EU countries and citizens of Serbia to nine.

The EU will review its list of third countries every two weeks, and it may be updated by the Council. “If the situation in a listed third country worsens quickly, rapid decision-making should be applied,” the Council said.

Germany did not accept the complete list of states recommended by the EU. On Wednesday, it said Montenegro was among 11 states whose nationals Germany had allowed to re-enter – but Serbia was not.

Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orbán announced that his country will not re-open to any of the 15 countries, with the exception of Serbia.

“For now, we cannot support EU’s demand because it would be contrary to health interests of the Hungarian people”, Orbán said, Reuters reports.

Hungary was to first EU country to open borders with Serbia, on 25 May.

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