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Kyuchyuk: Good neighbourly relations are an integral part of EU negotiations with North Macedonia

Ilhan Kyuchyuk; Photo: European Union

SOFIA – Good neighbourly relations with Bulgaria and Greece are an integral part of the EC negotiating framework for North Macedonia and Albania, Bulgarian MEP and European Parliament rapporteur for North Macedonia Ilhan Kyuchyuk said, A1on reports.

He clarifies that within the EU negotiating framework for N. Macedonia there is no explicit text in which it is insisted on continuing the work of the Joint Bulgarian-Macedonian Commission on Historical Issues.

“The text does not go into much detail. It is not the responsibility of the EC to write in detail, especially in such a framework document, how bilateral disputes between the two sides will be resolved. The principled position is to respect good neighbourly relations and to continue the talks in that context”, Kyuchyuk told the Bulgarian National Television.

According to him, the rule of law will be a priority during the negotiation process.

“All negotiating chapters will be closed when the basic criterion – rule of law – is met. EU member states want guarantees from negotiating countries”, Kyuchyuk said.

In the context of the elections in North Macedonia, he notes that unlike previous elections processes, this time the topic of Bulgaria is not the most important issue in domestic political discourse.

“The main question among the political forces in this campaign is whether the country should go back three years. Part of the political elite in N. Macedonia supports this thesis. Another section says the country’s future lies in the EU working to implement reforms through active policy in co-operation with partners and respect for good neighbourly relations. In the name of the country’s European future and in the name of future generations, they are making political sacrifices,” EP rapporteur for North Macedonia said.

He called on politicians in N. Macedonia to do everything possible to attract as many citizens as possible to vote for their political platforms and candidates, in order to create a governing majority that is politically responsible and has a clear priority regarding the European future of the country.

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