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Sassoli: Observing elections in Montenegro is a priority

President of the European Parliament David Sassoli; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

BRUSSELS – President of the European Parliament David Sassoli stated today that the European Parliament’s Democracy Support and Election Coordination Group confirmed last month that observing elections in Montenegro is a priority, Vijesti reported.

The arrival of the Mission will be considered in the coming period in cooperation with the ODIHR based on the analysis of the epidemiological situation, due to the spread of coronavirus throughout Europe, the Montenegrin Parliament stated.

ODIHR and Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe have already formed observing teams for Montenegrin elections, which are taking place on 30 August.

“Congratulating Montenegro on its exceptional success in the fight against Coronavirus, the President of the European Parliament points out that the crisis has proven the European Union’s strong commitment to solidarity with Montenegro, as well as Montenegro’s strong commitment to the Union,” the Montenegrin Parliament stated.

According to the Montenegrin Parliament, Sassoli said that the European Parliament stands side by side with Montenegro when it comes to facing current and future challenges.

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