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Albanian parliament adopts June 5 agreement on electoral reform

Albanian Parliament; Photo: Flickr / James

TIRANA – The June 5 agreement was adopted today in the Albanian parliament with 97 votes in favor. The majority MPs approved it with 74 votes in favor, while 23 votes were given from the parliamentary opposition groups, Albanian Daily News reports.

It was noted that only 6 MPs voted against it, six did not participate in the vote, while four were abstentions.

The June 5 agreement provides for changes in the Electoral Code, which were approved after several months of work in the Political Council between the SP, the parliamentary opposition and DO-SMI. It was achieved due to the mediation of international actors.

But the Parliament already has another agreement ahead, that of the SP and parliamentary groups on the open lists and the ban on coalitions, as well as on the new electoral threshold, which are expected to be voted on July 30.

European Commission spokeswoman Ana Pisonero wrote on her Twitter account that the new legislative provisions will give Albania an electoral framework with higher integrity and transparency standards, based on OSCE/ODIHR recommendations.

“We have taken note of the additional proposals for reform of the electoral system. While acknowledging role of the Parliament to put forward additional changes regarding the electoral system,we urge all parties to continue discussions in the Political Council with the same collaborative and inclusive spirit demonstrated during the adoption of 5 June agreement”, said Pisonero.

EU Commissioner for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Olivér Várhelyi also welcomed the adoption of amendments to Electoral Code.

“This fulfills a key condition of EU Council conclusions. For any additional changes, I urge all parties to continue discussions, so spirit and results of 5 June agreement are not derailed”, wrote Várhelyi on his Twitter account.

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