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Bosnia fulfilled one of 14 priorities from the European Commission’s Opinion

Flag of Bosnia and Herzegovina; Photo: Flickr/ Jennifer Boyer

SARAJEVO – After a five-year stalemate, Bosnian MPs on Wednesday agreed on the rules of procedure for the EU-Bosnia Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee, making a step forward in the country’s EU integration process, N1 reports.

With this agreement, Bosnia has fulfilled one of 14 priorities from the European Commission’s Opinion on the country’s membership application.

Nebojša Radmanović, the speaker of the parliament’s lower chamber, said the Committee members in Bosnian Parliament finally managed to agree on the voting procedure, which has been a stumbling block for years.

He explained the committee members of both parliaments will be passing decisions in consensus, with a possibility of filing amendments.

“After so many years we agreed that the decisions will require a two-thirds majority. I think this is good for everyone in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said Radmanović.

He also stressed this was a good example of how the Parliament is capable of reaching agreements regardless of different stances, assessing that this is only the first in a series of positive steps that will follow.

A simple majority, which was the European Parliament’s proposal, was not possible in Bosnia due to the country’s constitutional order and the decision-making process, he explained.

Denis Zvizdić, the Committee member, emphasised the importance of the agreement reached today, noting that this and recently reached agreement on elections in Mostar are a message for Brussels.

“This is yet another step forward in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path to European integration and it clearly showed the commitment of Bosnia and Herzegovina to become an EU member state in the future,” he underlined.

EU welcomes Bosnia’s progress on European integration path

EU welcomed the adoption of the Rules of Procedure of the Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union, assessing it as an “important step forward in the European integration of the country.”

“After five years of stalemate, the functioning of the Stabilisation and Association Parliamentary Committee is now unblocked. It paves the way for the delegates of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and the European Parliament Members to cooperate in this joint body and strengthen political dialogue at parliamentary level,” said a message published by the EU Delegation in Bosnia.

It is added that the adoption of the Rules of Procedure demonstrates that political leaders and BiH institutions are able to make compromise and resolve difficult issues.

“This spirit should guide future reform efforts in the country”, it is concluded in the message.

European Neighbourhood and Enlargement Commissioner Olivér Várhelyi, also welcomed the agreement earlier today, stressing this was an important step towards the fullfilment of one of 14 priorities for progress on the EU path.

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