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Hyseni: Belgrade and Pristina should reach an agreement within a year or the process will completely fail

Skender Hyseni and Avdullah Hoti; Photo: Office of the PM of Kosovo

PRISTINA – Kosovo State Coordinator for the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue, Skender Hyseni, told TV Klan Kosova that an agreement between the two sides should be reached in 12 months or the reconciliation process will completely fail, Beta reports.

Hyseni said that he would insist on intensive talks in coordination with the EU, the US and Paris, and that he would never agree to stall the process and go into technical conversations.

“Within 12 months, we expect an agreement with mutual recognition or this whole process will fail. Everything at the international level speaks of the moment that Kosovo and Serbia must seize in order to progress. Any procrastination is a failure. I don’t know if Serbia understood that, but if it intends to join the EU, it should,” Hyseni said.

He added that unity is necessary on the political scene of Kosovo in order to reach an agreement with Serbia.

Hyseni also expressed satisfaction with the results of his visit to Washington last week, saying that the United States was “fully committed” to the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, including Trump’s Special Envoy Richard GrenelL.

“It is necessary to raise the main issue for discussion. And those are normal permanent relations between Kosovo and Serbia, which cannot exist without mutual recognition,” Hyseni said.

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