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Picula and Bilčik call on Montenegro to organise the election in full compliance with international standards

Flags of Montenegro and EU; Photo: Nikola Ristić

BRUSSELS – MEP Tonino Picula (S&D), EP Rapporteur for Montenegro and MEP Vladimir Bilčik (EPP), Head of the EP Delegation to the country, issued a joint statement to the citizens and institutions of Montenegro, which will hold a parliamentary election on 30 August.

“Montenegrin institutions have a great responsibility ahead of the parliamentary election on 30 August. Conducting elections during a pandemic has been a challenging task across Europe. The state must ensure that citizens vote freely and exercise their constitutional rights without restriction, at the same time respecting strict health recommendations and guidelines to protect their safety”, the statement reads.

Picula and Bilčik called on the Montenegrin authorities to do everything in their power to organize the forthcoming elections in full compliance with international standards for free and fair elections.

“We hope that the results of Sunday’s vote will contribute to Montenegro’s stability and represent the next step in achieving its European future. As a member of NATO, Montenegro is already part of European security structures and must strengthen its commitment to future membership in the European Union”, they stated.

The MEPs also paid tribute to Montenegro for the progress it has made so far on its path to EU membership, including the opening of all negotiating chapters.

“It is now important to focus on accelerating the implementation of reforms in the country. We are ready to help and work closely with our future partners in the Assembly of Montenegro in the realization of their important tasks. We look forward to continuing political cooperation after the establishment of new institutions after the elections”, they stated.

Picula and Bilčik expressed their deepest condolences to all the citizens of Montenegro who lost family members and friends during the COVID-19 pandemic and wished all the citizens of Montenegro peaceful and safe elections on August 30.

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