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Analysts: White House wants another diplomatic success similar to Israel-UAE agreement

US President Donald Trump; Photo: White House/Flickr

LONDON / WASHINGTON – Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science James Ker-Lindsay assessed that Serbia will be under pressure to sign a final agreement on normalisation of relations with Kosovo during the meeting in Washington on 4 September.

“The US government wants to see a comprehensive political agreement between Belgrade and Pristina,” Ker-Lindsey stated for Tanjug, noting that the United States hopes to achieve another diplomatic success such as the recently signed agreement between the UAE and Israel.

Ker-Lindsay also assessed that Washington sees a chance for success in the fact that it believes that the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić is now “stronger than ever”.

“After the recent elections, he has an unconquerable position in parliament. Washington will point to that as an argument”, he says and adds that the EU also believes the same.

Ker-Lindsay believes that Trump needs another quick diplomatic victory to make up for a bad job he has been doing recently.

In the meantime, professor Daniel Serwer does not believe that a final agreement will be reached, though he agrees that the White House needs a foreign policy success.

“It’s best to ask the White House. They are desperate for anything they could advertise as a foreign policy success. I doubt that this will qualify as a “final agreement”, although of course, that claim can be made”, Serwer said for Kosovo online portal.

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