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Zaev meets with EU Ambassadors, discusses reforms

Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev during the meetign with the EU Ambassadors to North Macedonia; Photo: Government of North Macedonia

SKOPJE – We are fully focused on reforming the judiciary, transforming the economy, protecting the environment and improving the standard of living in North Macedonia, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev during the meeting with ambassadors of EU Member states to North Macedonia, the Government stated in a press release.

Zaev presented at the briefing the cabinet’s priorities for the next four years, focusing on North Macedonia Euroatlantic integration.

He noted that during its previous term, the government completely shifted the focus of the country’s foreign policy, solving decades-long disputes with neighbors, joined NATO and got a green light to start EU accession talks.

“By 2024, we plan to open 80 per cent of EU accession chapters. Moreover, we will continue to support the implementation of IPA III”, Zaev announced.

Foreign Minister Bujar Osmani said that the primary focus of North Macedonia’s foreign policy will be put on starting EU talks.

“Primary focus will be put on starting EU talks, as a key step in achieving our strategic aspiration of acquiring full-fledged EU membership. Thus, we expect support from strategic partners, the US and other NATO allies”, said Osmani.

He added that North Macedonia will promote good-neighbourly relations, strengthen multilateralism and improve contribution to the implementation of regional initiatives.

According to Mia.mk, EU Ambassador to North Macedonia Samuel Žbogar presented at the briefing EU’s expectations regarding the implementation of reforms in North Macedonia, stressing that the country’s European partners remain committed to offering help in overcoming challenges brought on by the coronavirus crisis, as well as assistance in implementing reforms.

Ambassadors expressed their respective government’s congratulations, as well as expectations for intensifying cooperation at a bilateral and multilateral level.

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