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Stano: There are no deadlines, but also no delays in the Belgrade-Pristina dialogue

European Commission; Photo: Pixabay

BRUSSELS – The European Union is not setting artificial dates for the finalization of the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, but it is also not interested in endless delays in this process, said the EU Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Peter Stano, RTS reports.

He pointed out that the most important thing is to bring the dialogue to a successful end, talking about the methodology that is expected when it comes to the implementation of the agreed agreements in relation to the expected final agreement.

“We are in a process that we need to take ‘step by step’ and without explaining the procedures and details of what goes first and what goes second. After all, it is important that we reach a successful conclusion, and that is a comprehensive legally binding agreement,” Stano said.

As RTS reported, Stano did not want to comment on the announcements from Pristina that there will be no implementation of individual agreements, until the final recognition of Kosovo by Serbia.

Stano emphasized that the EU is there to facilitate the agreement between Belgrade and Pristina, and not to impose deadlines or solutions.

“The interest of the EU is to help both sides reach a joint solution and a legally binding agreement on normalization, and the time needed for that is in the hands of Belgrade and Pristina,” Stano concluded.

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