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Montenegro: All 41 opposition MPs support Krivokapić as the new Prime Minister

Abazović, Krivokapić and Bečić during joint press conference; photo: Vijesti.me/Savo Prelević

PODGORICA – All 41 Members of Parliament of Montenegro, members of three pre-election coalitions, have signed the letter to President Milo Đukanović supporting Professor Zdravko Krivokapić as the new Prime Minister of the country.

It is just enough for a majority in the 81-seat Parliament.

Krivokapić, a newcomer to politics, headed the electoral list “For the Future of Montenegro”, which was submitted by the coalition around Democratic Front. The list won 27 seats in the new Parliament, which held its inaugural session today.

URA Movement, which has won 4 MPs as a part of “Black on White” coalition, published a letter to President Đukanović on its Twitter profile.

“Having in mind the provisions of the Article 95 of the Constitution of Montenegro, we, the undersigned members of parliaments of the coalitions “For the Future of Montenegro”, “Peace is our Nation” and “Black on White” demand of the President of Montenegro to give Professor Zdravko Krivokapić the mandate to form the new Government of Montenegro”, the letter reads.

Previously, members of the same coalition nominated Aleksa Bečić, who headed the “Peace is our Nation” coalition, for the position of the new Speaker of Parliament.

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