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GRECO: Albania is ready to start negotiating membership chapters with the EU

Council of Europe; Photo: Council of Europe

STRASBOURG – The fight against corruption in Albania has become so sophisticated and powerful that the country is ready to start negotiating membership chapters with the European Union, stated GRECO in a report published yesterday, Radio Tirana International (RTI) reported.At the 85th Plenary Session of GRECO, a body that has been monitoring the achievements in the field of corruption in Albania for 4 years, the second compliance report was discussed, focusing on “Prevention of corruption in relation to members of Parliament, judges and prosecutors”.

According to the report, during these four years that the Ministry of Justice has been appointed as the National Coordinator for corruption issues, this report undoubtedly marks Albania’s highest achievement in fulfilling the recommendations, not only at the national level, but also in the region, after it managed to fulfill 9 out of 10 recommendations.

According to RTI, two years ago, in the previous compliance report regarding the IV Round of Assessment for Albania approved in June 2018, GRECO estimated that Albania met only 4 out of 10 recommendations.

The purpose of yesterday’s plenary session was to assess Albania’s progress in fulfilling GRECO recommendations on corruption prevention, adoption and effective implementation of the legal framework for ethics in the Assembly, establishment of structures responsible for ethics in the High Judicial Council and the Council of the High Prosecution, as well as the establishment of the High Inspector of Justice.

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