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Borrell: Europe is not complete without the Western Balkan

Josep Borrell Fontelles; Photo: Flickr / The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain

BRUSSELS – EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell said that the citizens of the Western Balkans are part of Europe and they belong in the European Union, following yesterday’s presentation of 2020 Enlargement Package.

“Reports on the Enlargement Package provide a rigorous assessment that indicates the way forward, highlighting what has been achieved and where there is still hard work to be done”, said Borrell.

He added that the European Union is not complete without the Western Balkans.

“A credible enlargement policy is an investment in peace and security for the whole of Europe, even more so at a time of growing global challenges”, wrote Borrell on his Twitter account.

McAllister: The Economic and Investment Plan has a potential to foster long-term growth and jobs that the region needs

The Foreign Affairs Committee Chair David McAllister (EPP) welcomed the 2020 Commission’s assessment saying that the rule of law and good neighbourly relations will remain the guiding principles of further EU integration, which must be based on a rigorous conditionality, applied both to the membership talks and the Union funding.

“With an appropriate level of funding, the Economic and Investment Plan has a potential to foster long-term growth and jobs that the region needs. The Foreign Affairs Committee has always underlined that the enlargement policy should continue to be the priority for the EU and that we should give real incentives and support to countries who have delivered on reforms”, said McAllister.

He announced that in the coming months, the Committee’s standing rapporteurs will prepare the European Parliament’s position on the situation in the seven enlargement countries and the Committee will continue the interinstitutional negotiations on the IPA III Regulation, which will govern the pre-accession assistance during the next financing period (2021-2027).

Hahn: The Western Balkans belong to Europe

European Commissioner for Budget and Administration Johannes Hahn commented on the Economic and Investment Plan saying that it is for stability in “our immediate neighbourhood”.

Supporting economic recovery and development in the Western Balkans. Glad to see that the fruitful cooperation continues. The Western Balkans belong to Europe and the EU integration of the countries of the region benefits both sides”, wrote Hahn on his Twitter account.

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