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Lajčák: CSM will be formed, the Serb List has no reason to leave the institutions

Miroslav Lajčák Photo: Georges Boulougouris

PRISTINA – The Community of Serb Municipalities (CSM), as well as all other elements of the comprehensive agreement on normalization, will be implemented only after the signing of a legally binding agreement, EU Special Representative for Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajčák said today at the end of his visit to Pristina, assessing that there was no reason for the Serb List to leave Kosovo institutions, reports FoNet.

Lajčák said at the press conference that his interlocutors in Pristina assured him that the Community of Serb Municipalities would be formed and that he called on them to be ready for compromise, Kossev reported.

As you know, he added, “we are negotiating a comprehensive legally binding agreement on the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, which will solve all open problems forever and bring Kosovo and Serbia closer to the EU because it is an agreement and process based on international law and the EU acquis, which will stabilize the regional situation”.

When it comes to the CSM, Lajčák underlined that Kosovo, for the sake of its European future, must respect the agreements.

“This topic is emotional in Kosovo and I understand the sensitivity, but let me be clear that the EU has no interest in destabilizing Kosovo or making Kosovo dysfunctional, and at the same time, Kosovo has committed itself with the 2013 and 2015 agreements and must show consistency and it must respect these obligations”, said Lajčák.

He called on all interlocutors from Pristina, emphasizing that he had about 25 meetings, to abolish party differences in observing the dialogue, to raise the dialogue from daily politics and be ready for a compromise.

“At all meetings, the partners showed support for the dialogue and understanding that the dialogue is good and important for Kosovo and confirmed that Kosovo will comply with all obligations, including the establishment of the CSM”, Lajčák said, adding that this was the most important outcome of his meetings in Pristina.

He pointed out that CSM is a part of comprehensive agreement on normalization and that it will be implemented after the signing, so the implementation of the agreement on CSM will begin after signing.

“But the details of the CSM should be part of the process of negotiation”, Lajčák said.

He noted that “at the time of signing the agreement, there must be no ambiguity regarding the details.”

He called on all subjects in Kosovo, using the agreements from 2013 and 2015 and the opinion of the Constitutional Court, to make proposals for the CSM and be ready to discuss it in the dialogue.

When asked about the details of the talks with the Serb List, Lajčák said that the Serb List has no reason to leave the institutions because the CSM has been agreed on and it will be discussed.

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