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Kosovo Government adopts plan to implement White House Agreement

PRISTINA – The Kosovo government adopted a plan to implement an agreement signed in Washington on September 4 to normalise economic ties with Serbia, FoNet reported.

According to Koha, Kosovo’s government adopted a 16-point plan on Monday, including Gazivode issue and relations with Israel.

According to the plan, the government will be cooperating with the US administration to set up “a working group for a feasibility study” of the disputed Ujman/Gazivode lake in order to determine the current water resource allocations and explore potential development opportunities, Koha reported.

The Kosovo government’s plan also says that the country will join the so-called ‘mini-Schengen’ agreement with Albania, North Macedonia and Serbia, which envisages free movement of people, goods, capital, and services between these Balkan countries.

According to the plan, Kosovo’s Law on freedom of religion will be amended to provide extra protection to Serbian Orthodox churches in the country, and a one-year moratorium will be imposed on Kosovo’s applications for membership in international organisations.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues a circular letter to all institutions to withdraw all existing applications and not to submit new applications for membership in international organizations in the next year,” the plan states, reported Kosovo online.

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