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German Ambassador to Kosovo criticises Kosovo Government for disbanding Anti-Corruption Task

Pristina, Kosovo; Photo: European Union

PRISTINA – German Ambassador to Kosovo Jorn Rohde has criticized the Government of Kosovo for disbanding the Anti-Corruption Task Force, RTK.live reported.

“Sadly, the Government’s decision to disband Anti-Corruption Task Force raises concerns about the political will to tackle corruption issues effectively”, Rohde wrote on Twitter.

Disbanding the Task-Force was criticised by civil society, the EU and EULEX. Kosovo Prime Minister Avdullah Hoti said that the task force investigating high-level corruption operating within the Kosovo Police was disbanded because it was unconstitutional.

Ambassador Rohde also shared a report of the Central Bank of Kosovo confirming that Germany remains the biggest investor in the country.

“Germany once again biggest investor in Kosovo in first half 2020. Good news indeed! Could be much more if investor and business environment would see much-needed improvement namely constraining widespread corruption,” Rohde concluded.

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