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Germany calls for opening the EU accession talks with Albania and North Macedonia

Michael Roth; Photo: Tanjug

BERLIN – German Minister of Foreign Affairs Heiko Maas and the German State Minister for Europe Michael Roth have appealed for the opening of EU accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, Albania Daily News reported.

Maas’ call came at the eve of EU ministerial, during the ceremony in which a prize was awarded to the Prime Minister of North Macedonia Zoran Zaev.

In a press statement, Roth called on his colleagues to approve the opening of negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, underlining that launching negotiations with the two countries is in the EU’s best interest.

“Today, I will inform my colleagues about the enlargement process with Albania and North Macedonia. Both countries are our direct neighbors. It is in the EU’s interest to start the negotiations with these two countries. I hope that all colleagues from all member states are made aware of this common interest and are ready to make pragmatic and solidarity progress in the best sense of the word”, Roth told.

He concluded that the membership process must not be made hostage to the demands of special members.

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