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GRECO report on Albania: Key recommendations related to SPAK

Council of Europe; Photo: Council of Europe

STRASBOURG – Corruption in Albania is high in many areas of public and business life and remains an issue of concern, according to the latest report by the Group of States against Corruption (GRECO), Euronews Albania reported.

GRECO stated that corruption is challenging public trust in institutions and political life.

GRECO addressed 24 recommendations to Albania for the fight against corruption, one of them related to the work of SPAK (Special Anti-Corruption Prosecutor).

“GRECO recommends that the recruitment of prosecutorial and technical staff to the office of the Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor is completed as a matter of priority and that its members are provided with adequate human and technical resources and prosecutors benefit of highly specialised training,” the report read.

GRECO urges the Council of Ministers to be transparent by publishing the names of political advisors online with information on their main work and supporting activities.

“GRECO recommends that detailed rules on how persons entrusted with top executive functions engage in contacts with lobbyists and other third parties who seek to influence governmental legislative and other activities be established and that sufficient transparency be ensured about the purpose of these contacts (formal and informal), the identity of the person with whom (or on whose behalf) the contacts have been taken and the specific subject matter discussed,” was written on the report.

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