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EWB SCREENING / Srđan Cvijić: The decision not to open any negotiation chapters with Serbia is a consequence of killing democracy

Serbia has not opened a single chapter in the negotiations with Brussels, for the first time in six years since the negotiations started. As we listen to the stories about the country’s economic prosperity, Serbia was returned to the political periphery of Europe. Is Brussels pushing Serbia there or the undemocratic regime of Aleksandar Vučić? Who in Brussels was happy about the new “stop” for the entire Western Balkans and whether the Investment Plan that the EU intended for the region is a way to satisfy the appetites of the Western Balkans 6, because everyone gave up on the membership – both Europe and the region. In the new edition of the EWB Screening, we talked about this with a senior policy analyst on EU external relations for the Open Society European Policy Institute Srđan Cvijić.

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