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Borrell: Cooperation between the EU and the US will lead to results in the Balkans

Josep Borrell Fontelles; Photo: Flickr / The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation of Spain

BRUSSELS – The EU is ready to renew the strategic partnership with the new US President Joseph Biden in order to achieve results in preserving peace and security from the Western Balkans to the Eastern Mediterranean and Ukraine, said Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, N1 reports.

“There is no doubt that the US plays an essential role in preserving peace and security, also European, and that is why we must work together in many places on our continent,” Borrell pointed out adding that the EU and the US, as global partners, must deepen dialogue and cooperation in all areas.

He emphasized that “a strong and capable Europe is not a rival in the transatlantic alliance, but a precondition for it” and that strengthening the defense capabilities of EU members “strengthens that alliance and contributes to the division of costs on both sides of the Atlantic”, reminding that the transatlantic alliance shaped world relations and order more than any other. 

Borrell said “technology is now part of foreign policy” and called for the development of a joint EU-US high-tech program, the establishment of clear rules and responsibilities for major global online platforms, “fair taxation” and the prevention of “market distortions”.

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According to Borel, such an EU-US alliance is “essential not only for the security and prosperity of both sides of the Atlantic, but also for the maintenance of a world order based on democracy, the rule of law and multilateralism”. He added that, in cooperation with the European Commission, he had developed a comprehensive “EU-US global change program” to lead ecological and climate transformation, combat coronavirus and strengthen public health, trade and technology, global action and security.

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