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KFOR conducted multi-aircraft flight exercise

PRISTINA – On Thursday, the NATO-led KFOR mission conducted a multi-aircraft training flight, with six helicopters from the Croatian, Swiss and United States contingents, reads official KFOR press release. The exercise which aims at standardising mission planning and execution procedures, in-flight drills and communications, took off from Slatina Military Airport, before overflying Camp Bondsteel, Prizren, Peja/Peć, Slatina Airport and Pristina and finally landed in Camp Film City KFOR HQ. The exercise ensured that KFOR remains a robust military force, ready to act as a credible deterrent against any threats and maintains its capabilities to perform emergency medical evacuation flights at all time. Constant training and exercising are required in order to ensure that all contingents operate in a standardised manner, ensuring KFOR’s ability to respond in accordance with the UNSC 1244 resolution, to any challenges to a safe and secure environment or freedom of movement in a fast and efficient way, by air or by land. This international dimension brings increased capabilities and competencies. The mission was launched in 1999 after the NATO bombing of FR Yugoslavia and today has around 3400 troops from 27 NATO members and partner nations. KFOR’s mission is to: contribute to a  safe and secure environment; support and coordinate the international humanitarian effort and civil presence; support the development of a stable, democratic, multi-ethnic and peaceful Kosovo; and support the development of the Kosovo Security Force,

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