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Visegrád Four and Austria request including Western Balkans in the Conference on the Future of Europe

Meeting of the General Affairs Council 19 November 2019; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – The four countries of the Visegrád Group, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia, and Austria, have sent a new non-paper to the leadership of the European Union, asking for the countries and citizens of the Western Balkans to be involved in official talks on the Future of the European Union.

The existence of a document was confirmed by several regional media outlets.

According to Klix.ba, the countries wrote that they believed that the region should have the right and opportunity to express their views on the future of the European Union, given that it has a very clear perspective of membership in the union.

It was very precisely stated that the Western Balkans should be part of the initiative of the Conference on the Future of the EU, which was launched within this bloc.

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