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Rama, Zaev and Vučić to meet in Skopje on July 29

WESTERN BALKANS – The three leaders of the Western Balkan countries, Albania, Serbia and North Macedonia attended an online conference to discuss the so-called Balkan Mini-Schengen. It was announced that the next meeting will take place in Skopje on July 29, where the three leaders will sign the agreement that came as an outcome of the Berlin Process, Euronews Albania reported. “As a region, we have a population of 18 million inhabitants, we could strengthen our economy, increase the welfare of our citizens and bring major investments that we cannot attract as separate states. On July 29, we will meet in Skopje to sign the agreements arising from the Berlin Process between our 3 states. A cooperation agreement and assistance in cases of natural catastrophes, and facilitate trade, imports and exports between our countries”, the declaration read.

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