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EPP condemns incitement and glorification of war crimes in BiH

European Parliament session; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – “We strongly condemn the most recent unacceptable incitement calling into question Bosnia and Herzegovina’s territorial integrity, unity, and sovereignty”, wrote on Twitter  European People’s Party (EPP).

“Any unconstitutional secessionist actions, departing from the constitutional and legal framework, must cease, while the current blockade of institutions must be ended immediately, to allow BiH to tackle necessary reforms and further pursue its EU perspective”, EPP stated.

They condemn both the denial and the glorification of any and all war cries and all acts that provoke fears of a new conflict, and jointly call upon Bosnia and Herzegovina and its authorities to uphold peace and achieve progress.

European Union firmly condemns negative divisive and inflammatory rhetoric used at the Sunday celebration by leaders of Republika Srpska, Bosnia’s Serb-majority entity, European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano said on Tuesday commenting on the latest developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He stressed that such rhetoric and actions only heighten the tensions in the country and further escalate the political crisis. Stano also spoke about the possibility of the EU introducing sanctions on the Bosnian actors “from a wide toolbox” of the instruments it has at disposal.

Stano further said that it is not acceptable for the EU that the partners, including those in the acquisition process “in our immediate neighborhood, in the Western Balkans continue with such behavior,” adding that this will reflect on their efforts to get closer to the EU.

Speaking further on the situation in BiH, he said that the provocative actions and actions that are undermining the unity, territorial integrity, and sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina as a united state are going on for some time already.

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