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EWB Documentary “Long Road to Europe”

The documentary “Long Road to Europe” produced by European Western Balkans and Panorama Films, which premiered in November 2021 in Belgrade, is now available online.

The documentary represents a retrospective of Serbia’s EU integration process since 2000 and seeks to explain why has this process lasted more than 20 years and which are the most important challenges that hampered and continue to hamper Serbia’s accession to the EU.

Numerous direct participants in the process spoke for the film, including former Serbian President Boris Tadić and former Serbian Deputy Prime Ministers Božidar Đelić and Suzana Grubječić. The film also featured the former members of the state and EU administration in charge of European integration, as well as civil society representatives.

The author of the film was journalist Filip Lukić, while the screenplay was co-written by him and Nikola Burazer. Marija Kovačina served as the film’s director and editor. The executive producer was Emina Muminović, and the director of photography was Andrija Kovač.

Production of the documentary has been supported by Kingdom of Sweden, Belgrade Open School and the European Fund for the Balkans

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