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EP to adopt Resolution on Ukraine, “strong regret” over Serbian non-alignment with sanctions

EP building in Brussels; Photo: European Parliament

BRUSSELS – European Parliament is voting today on the Resolution on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine. Point 32 of the draft Resolution refers to the Western Balkans, especially Serbia’s non-alignment with sanctions on Russia.

The debate is underway, with the participation of the President of European Council Charles Michel,  President of the European Commission Ursula von der Layen, and High Representative Josep Borrell.

According to the agenda of the session, the results of the voting will be known at 3 p.m.

The draft resolution, seen by European Western Balkans, commends support by the Western Balkan countries and denounces those who supported the Russian Federation.

The full text of the agreed version of this point reads:

“(European Parliament) notes with grave concern the persistent efforts of the Russian Federation at destabilising the Western Balkans countries and interfering with their democratic processes; denounces those who expressed support to the Russian Federation following its aggression on Ukraine and commends the support shown by those Western Balkan countries that are Euro-Atlantic allies; strongly regrets Serbia’s non-alignment with EU sanctions against Russia which damages its EU accession process and reiterates its expectation for EU accession candidates to align not only with EU acquis but also with the common foreign and security policy of the Union”.

The Resolution also strongly condemns the “illegal, unprovoked and unjustified military aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and the invasion of Ukraine, as well as Belarus’ involvement in this aggression against Ukraine.”

Russia is demanded to stop all military activities in Ukraine immediately, and solidarity with the people of Ukraine is expressed.

Russian rhetoric, which suggests the possible use of weapons of mass destruction, in the context of the already worsened and eroded global non-proliferation, is also categorically rejected.

The Resolution expresses support for sanctions without exception in terms of national and sectoral interests. It calls for support to Ukraine’s defense capabilities and work towards granting candidate status to the country.

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