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Escobar: Corruption harming Bosnia and Herzegovina more than anything

Gabriel Escobar; Photo: US Embassy Pristina

ZAGREB – “Bosnia and Herzegovina is a sovereign and independent state, we are no longer in a position to impose solutions or to determine the path of their political development”, said US Special Envoy for the Western Balkans in an interview for N1. 

He emphasized the importance of holding the elections and encouraged all parties in the reform talks to be flexible and open and to engage in the negotiations in goodwill.

“We encourage it and we encourage it immediately, we encourage it in a way that opens the door for them to come close to the European Union”, Escobar said.

US Special Envoy expressed hope that the elections would take place by the end of the year in BiH.

Speaking about the issue of corruption, Escobar noted that the real problem in the country is not that the people do not want to live with the Croats, the Bosniaks, or the Serbs, but that the young people are leaving because they cannot get a job without corrupt connections. He added that corruption harms Bosnia “more than anything”.

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