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Picula and Bilčík: New government of Montenegro could help accelerate the reforms

European Parliament in Brussels; Photo: Wikimedia Commons

BRUSSELS – The European Parliament’s standing rapporteur for Montenegro Tonino Picula and the European Parliament’s Chair of the Delegation for Montenegro Vladimír Bilčík issued a statement welcoming the election of the Prime Minister and the new government in Montenegro

“We welcome yesterday’s vote in the Montenegrin Parliament and congratulate the newly elected Prime Minister Abazović and his government and the newly elected Speaker Đurović of the Montenegrin Parliament for their respective elections.

Picula and Bilčík stated they looked forward to working together with our partners on Montenegro’s path to the European Union.

“While in recent months Montenegro has lost some valuable time on its European journey, we believe that the new government’s political resolve could help accelerate much-needed reform process reflecting both the work on European values and the overwhelming will of Montenegro’s citizens to join the European Union”, the statement concludes.

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