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Bregu: Stagnation of EU enlargement process big mistake

Majlinda Bregu; Photo: GLOBSEC 2019

SARAJEVO – Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) Secretary General Majlinda Bregu said on the occasion of Europe Day that the stagnation in the EU enlargement of the Western Balkans was a big mistake, adding that the accession process of the region should be changed for good.

“We are European not only because we subscribe to the values enshrined in the Treaties of the European Union. We are European because we choose to be”, said Bregu.

According to RCC Secretary General. on this 9th of May, Europe is sucked into its worst crisis since the Second World War, adding that the outcome of the war in Ukraine is anything but certain.

“This moment is also the center of gravity for the future of the Western Balkans, showing that WB can contribute to solution as other European countries are doing. We are not in amber, but at the end who is? Each national story is very different. But deeper, the same underlying beliefs stand. We have been in a bad place, we want to be in a better one, and the better place is called Europe”, concluded Bregu.

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