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Bosnian leaders accept in Brussels agreement on ensuring country’s functionality and EU path

Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – The leaders of the political parties represented in the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and members of the Presidency of BiH accepted, after meeting with the senior officials of the EU, an agreement by which, among other things, they reiterate their commitment to preserving and building a peaceful, stable, sovereign and independent functional Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

Last week, European Council President Charles Michel invited the leaders of BiH for a meeting in Brussels. The European Union’s senior officials and political leaders discussed the country’s European path, how to make progress on that path and the solutions to reduce the political tensions among the political parties to reach functionality and stability in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

According to N1, the document titled “Political agreement on principles for ensuring a functional BiH on the European path” was accepted by 12 participants of the meeting, while two refrained. The leaders of HDZ BIH did not attend the meeting. 

The document published on the European Council’s website said that the leaders of the BiH reiterate their commitment to preserving and building a peaceful, stable, sovereign and independent, functional European state of Bosnia and Herzegovina comprised of Bosniaks, Croats and Serbs as constitute people (along with others) and citizens of BiH, which consists of two entities and Brčko District, established in line with the Framework Agreement for Peace. 

According to the document, the rule of law and conduct free and democratic elections and develop democratic government. The leaders of BiH underline the importance of the implementation of reforms that advance BiH European integration, namely the 14 Priorities set out in the Commission Opinion. 

Participants recognise the importance of the political moment and responsibility towards all citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina, bearing in mind the “United Nations General Assembly resolution ES‑11/1 on the aggression against Ukraine”, adopted on 2 March 2022 (The representatives from Republika Srpska call for a discussion and adoption of a decision in the BiH Presidency on the situation in Ukraine)

Participants agree that it is essential to strengthening trust, dialogue, compromise building, and work towards peace and mutual respect among all peoples and citizens in Bosnia and Herzegovina to achieve these objectives.

“The political party leaders and the members of the Presidency: Are committed to the prosperity, democratic functioning, and security of Bosnia and Herzegovina and pledge to undertake necessary reforms to safeguard and advance these objectives constructively; underline the importance of the extension of the EUFOR Althea executive mandate and its continued presence in Bosnia and Herzegovina to maintain a safe and secure environment; are committed to full adherence to all final and binding international and domestic court decisions, and work constructively together towards their good faith implementation, to ensure compliance with European standards”, said the mentioned document. 

It was added that shall take all necessary steps for the General Elections 2022 to be organised efficiently and conducted orderly, with the required means.

“The parties shall conduct the election campaign fairly, constructively, and free from divisive and hateful rhetoric; they shall cooperate constructively after the vote to ensure the swift formation of new legislative and executive authorities at all levels of government in line with the legally prescribed deadlines”, it was said among another topic in the Political Agreement of BiH representatives.

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