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It’s time for EuroPride in Belgrade

More than 56% of citizens of Serbia still believe that homosexuality is an illness, 37% believe that homosexuality came from the West, and 82% have nothing against the LGBT+ community if sexual orientation is not shown outside the home. At the same time, 80% believe that LGBT+ people are the same as anyone else, 73% believe that same-sex couples should be able to visit their partner at the hospital or prison, while 59% support inheritance between same-sex partners. This shows that Serbia, as well as all Western Balkan countries, are changing its attitude toward the LGBT+ community. This change is slow but permanent. In line with Council of Europe standards, all countries in the region adopted numerous laws where the prohibition of discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity is explicitly mentioned, but implementation is still a key problem.

However, the visibility of the LGBT+ community is still a big taboo in the region. Despite that, Belgrade Pride made enormous progress in the past two decades. Acer violent pride in 2001 and 2010, four bans (2009, 2011, 2012 , 2013), Belgrade Pride became the largest annual public event for the LGBT+ community in Serbia. With more than 80 events during Pride Week every year, numerous guests, artists and members of the community, Belgrade Pride became comparable with any other European Pride Parade.

In 2019, this progress was recognized internationally, where 76% of European Pride Organisers voted for Belgrade (other candidates were Barcelona, Dublin, Lisbon/Porto and Gran Canarias).

After years of fighting for the equality of the LGBTI+ community in the region, Belgrade will host EuroPride this September making it a milestone for the LGBTI+ community in the whole region and opening a new era.

EuroPride 2022 will take place in Belgrade from September 12 to 18, 2022. Despite the pandemic, war in Ukraine, and elections in Serbia, EuroPride Team made great progress and 30 days before the beginning of EuroPride Week, our message is quite clear – “Belgrade is ready!”.

The capital of Serbia will be the first city in the Southeast Europe region and the first city outside of the European Economic Area to host a major event for the pan-European LGBTI+ community.

More than 130 events are prepared for EuroPride Week (12-18 September), including Pride Theatre Festival, Pride Art, International Human Rights Conference, Community Programme, Lesbian Festival, Merlinka Classic Film Festival and many more. Pride House, Pride Info centre and many other venues are getting ready for September, while Pride Park next to Sava and Danube confluence will be built for concerts on 16 and 17 September.

The International Human Rights Conference will bring together local and European decision-makers, activists, and public persons who through their work and efforts contribute to a bigger position of the LGBTI+ community. Belgrade will be visited by MEPs, representatives of the Council of Europe, as well as the EU Commissioner for Equality.

Pride March will start on 17h on 17 September in front of the Parliament of Serbia.

Safety is guaranteed by the government and police and we did not have a single incident in the previous years, despite the huge number of events. All preventive and other measures are in place and all guests are welcome.

More information about the programme, tickets sale for EuroPride Concerts and other information are available online on the website EuroPride2022.com

It’s time for solidarity! It’s time for Belgrade!

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