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Macron and Scholz wrote to Vučić: Speed up dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia

Aleksandar Vučić in Brussels, 11 May 2022; Photo: Facebook / Aleksandar Vučić

PARIS / BERLIN – Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić received a joint letter from French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, the Presidency announced Sunday, N1 reported.

„We are sending you this joint letter at a moment of crucial importance for security on the European continent and stability in the Western Balkans region. We are convinced that, in the light of Russian aggression against Ukraine, we must make even stronger efforts, so that the European perspective of the Western Balkan countries becomes a reality and so that long-term bilateral and regional disputes are resolved. The full normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia is of essential importance for the Western Balkans,“ the letter of the two European leaders reads.

As stated, they addressed Vucic as the country’s leader, in order to appeal to him to „show maximum determination and readiness to make difficult decisions, which lead to progress in the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, under the auspices of the EU.“

„Recent tensions have shown that constructive steps forward are urgently needed, both on a practical and a political level. Therefore, we tasked our advisers for foreign and security policy, Jens Pletner and Emanuel Bono, to provide direct support to Miroslav Lajcak in his efforts. We suggest that our advisers, together with Miroslav Lajcak, visit Kosovo and Serbia, in order to explore the possibilities of moving the process forward quickly,“ said Macron and Scholz.

They concluded by saying that they sincerely hope that the initiative will meet the interest and support of Aleksandar Vučić.

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