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Serbs resign from all institutions in Kosovo

Kosovo Assembly; Photo: Kosovo Assembly

ZVEČAN – The mayors of four Serb majority municipalities in the north of Kosovo, councillors, members of the Assembly of Kosovo, judges, prosecutors, administrative staff in the prosecution and judiciary, as well as members of the Kosovo Police in the northern region, have submitted their resignations over recent policies of Albin Kurti’s Government, N1 reported.

The decision was announced at a media conference by the Serb List political party, which led to applause from those present, while the policemen took off their uniforms in front of the cameras.

„It is precise because of our determination to respect international public law and defend the Brussels Agreement that we have decided to leave all political institutions, the Assembly, the government and four municipalities and the participation and work of Serbs in the judiciary, the police and all administrative staff from the four municipalities in the north,“ said party leader Goran Rakic.

The speakers at the conference said that Pristina „constantly violates international public law and the Brussels Agreement“ and that Serbs in Kosovo are exposed to „unceasing and continuous terror and all kinds of violence by institutions in Pristina and illegal countless acts“.

Although Srpska lista has announced the withdrawal from Kosovo institutions six times in different situations, it has never done so before at the request of the authorities in Belgrade.

Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić attended a special session of the Government of Serbia regarding the situation in Kosovo this morning. After that, he met with the Chinese and Russian ambassadors in Serbia. The Russian ambassador said that he will inform the official Moscow about the developments in Kosovo.

In a telephone meeting, the US ambassador to Serbia said that he demands the Serbian authorities to act responsibly and seriously “and not participate in any way in jeopardizing regional peace and stability.” Vučić promised him that it would be so.

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