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Von Cramon: Kosovo’s EU integration also depends on dialogue with Serbia

Viola von Cramon; Photo: European Union

BRUSSELS – The rapporteur for Kosovo in the European Parliament, Viola von Cramon, said that Kosovo’s application for membership in the European Union is an important step, adding that integration into the bloc also depends on the dialogue with Serbia.

“It is essential that the entire Western Balkans join the EU. The pace of Kosovo’s integration into the EU will depend on its commitment to the adoption of the necessary reforms and the successful conclusion of the dialogue with Serbia, led by the European Union”, Von Cramon said on Twitter.

“This symbolic act has to be followed by concrete and meaningful actions, including normalisation of relations with Belgrade”, say Romeo Franz and Viola von Cramon-Taubadel.

In the statement, they commend Kosovo’s ongoing alignment with the EU’s foreign and security policy, “first and foremost through the adoption of sanctions following the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine”. They assessed that it is strong solidarity with the people of Ukraine positions Kosovo as “reliable partner, already deeply anchored in the European and transatlantic alliance”.

“We therefore reiterate the European Parliament’s call on the Member States that have not yet recognized Kosovo as a sovereign state to do so and thus allow it to progress on its European path on an equal footing with the other Western Balkan countries. We believe Kosovo will make additional efforts to address the manifold challenges on its European path, and in that respect expect this symbolic act of membership application to be followed by concrete and meaningful actions. One crucial element for achieving progress on the EU integration path is comprehensive normalization of relations and successful completion of the EU-led Pristina-Belgrade Dialogue, including the serious commitment to deliver on all past agreements”, they said in a statement.

Prime Minister of Kosovo Albin Kruti submitted on Thursday to the Czech Republic Kosovo’s application for membership in the EU. He assessed that this is a historic day for Kosovo and a “great day for democracy in Europe”.

According to Albanian Daily News, next week the Czech presidency of the EU is expected to notify the other member countries of Kosovo’s application. The handling of this isue will then be continued by Sweden, which takes over the presidency of the EU from 1 January.

Kosovo leaders signed application for EU membership

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