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Donfried: Belgrade and Pristina have to make difficult decisions

Photo: German Marshall Fund/Flickr

PRISTINA – US Assistant Secretary of Stated for European Affairs Karen Donfried assessed that Belgrade and Pristina have to make difficult decisions and that the US and EU want to help and support them in this process.

“The US and EU are not trying to impose a solution for relations between Kosovo and Serbia but to help them make hard decisions, they are trying to be the force that will bring changes for the better both to Kosovo and to Serbia”, Donfried said in an interview for Voice of Amerika Albanian service.

She stressed that the Western Balkan countries have an opportunity to advance on the path of Euro-Atlantic integration. Donfried believes that the citizens of Kosovo and the citizens of Serbia see their future as being full members of the Euro-Atlantic community, but that there are hard decisions that they need to make.

“We will be there to support them as they make those hard decisions, ” Donfried added.


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