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North Macedonia and Serbia sign memorandum of cooperation in European integration

Photo: MEI

SKOPJE – Deputy Prime Minister of European Affairs Bojan Marichikj and Serbian Minister of European Integration Tanja Miščević signed on Friday a memorandum of cooperation in the area of European integration. The Ministers noted that relations between the two countries are excellent, pointing out this was yet another confirmation that particular importance is given to cooperation and further development of overall bilateral relations in achieving the strategic goal – European integration.

Speaking at a press conference after signing the memorandum, Deputy PM Bojan Marichikj said the two Governments have the same task and mission.

“Let’s bring our citizens closer to the EU values in the coming years, and also make even more visible the benefits from the accession process. We’re not just neighbors and geographically close countries with Serbia. We share a common past, close traditional relations, and most importantly, we have a common future and the same interest – to develop our two countries in the European way and provide a better life for our citizens,” said Marichikj, Mia.mk reported.

The two countries, he added, have done a lot and their progress is clear.

Serbian Minister Miščević pointed out that the chemistry and the spirit between the two institutions is excellent, calling the two countries “brotherly”, dealing with strategic affairs.

According to Miščević, today is the right time to talk about the new methodology.

“We had a very good discussion about the screening, the clusters, the new obligations, which are already to some extent different from what Serbia was doing in the negotiation process. But not only learning, as Marichikj said, our task is to try to find a common approach to the EU and the member states when it comes to the new methodology,” said Miščević.

The Serbian Minister pointed out that work is underway on greater inclusion in terms of the EU common market, through the Open Balkan concept.

“One of the things that can be discussed is how to use our Stabilization and Association Agreements to improve that segment because I fully agree that the greatest benefit of the process should be available to all of us as citizens. All those who can use cross-border cooperation, projects resulting from such cooperation, those who have the potential to develop and trade with the EU, those who try to improve their capacities, knowledge and skills to respond to the new challenges of the digital and IT world, these issues we can absolutely discuss,” Miščević said.

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