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“BSC Leaders Meetings” in Skopje on 17 May

Photo: BSC

SKOPJE –  The Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) will organize the next BSC Leaders Meetings discussion under the title “Russian Aggression Against Ukraine: New Momentum for the EU Enlargement?”, which will take place on 17 May in Skopje.

Each BSC Leaders Meetings event includes a public discussion and a Chatham House debate. Some of the participants at the public discussion will be the President of North Macedonia Stevo Pendarovski, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of good governance policies in Government of North Macedonia Slavica Grkovska, Deputy Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations Vessela Tcherneva and Goran Buldioski, Director of Programs for Open Society-Europe and Central Asia.

The BCSP research on the role and strategies of different geopolitical actors in the Western Balkans will be presented and discussed. On this occasion, the Hungarian influence in the Western Balkans will be discussed under the Chatham House rules. The primary impulse for debate will be provided by the BCSP researchers Luka Šterić and Ivana Ranković, who will be presenting BCSP’s new research report on the Hungarian role in the Western Balkans.

The first BSC Leaders Meeting was organized in April in Podgorica.

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The BSC Leaders Meetings present a series of half-day events organised throughout the Western Balkans. They are part of the Belgrade Security Conference (BSC) – a high-level international policy event organised by the BCSP each October. The BSC Leaders Meetings aim to gather policy-makers and experts who will discuss significant foreign and security challenges facing the region, geopolitical events and trends affecting it and to assess the future of democratic reforms, regional cooperation and the place of the Western Balkans in global politics.

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