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Democratic Front (DF) in Montenegro dissolves after 11 years

Citizens Assembly, Podgorica; Photo: Parliament of Montenegro

PODGORICA – The leaders of the Democratic Front (DF) in Montenegro announced that this political alliance no longer exists, after 11 years since its foundation. The three leaders of the DF announced that they are parting ways without conflict or argument and that they remain on friendly terms.

Andrija Mandić, leader of the New Serb Democracy, Milan Knežević, leader of the Democratic People’s Party, and Nebojša Medojević, leader of the Movement for Changes, announced on May 14, at a joint press conference, that they will continue the political struggle through individual action, Radio Free Europe reported.

The pro-Russian and pro-Serbian Democratic Front is the largest coalition of the parliamentary majority which in August 2020, together with the Democrats and the URA movement, took over power from the Democratic Party of Socialists of Milo Djukanovic after three decades.

“The DF made a decision that the founding parties take different paths towards the same goal, and our goal is for Montenegro to be reconciled,” said Mandić.

The DF leaders said that they made the biggest contribution in 2020 in ousting Djukanovic’s DPS, but also Djukanovic himself, who lost the presidential election in April this year to Jakov Milatovic, who was supported by this alliance.

However, they said are not satisfied with the reform performance of the last two governments. “Đukanović’s regime was defeated with great sacrifices, but even today, three years after the change of government, we have the legacy of that regime,” said Knežević.

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