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EU supports gun control activities in the Western Balkans

Photo: The President of the Republic of Serbia/ Dimitrije Goll

BRUSSELS – Speaking at the meeting of EU officials on the control of firearms in the Western Balkans, EU High Representative, Josep Borrell, said that the danger coming from these guns is not just a theory.

“Such dramatic cases remind us how important it is to tackle the trafficking of light guns”, said Borrell referring to the consecutive mass shootings in Serbia, adding that it is wrong to think such incidents cannot happen in Europe.

According to Euronews Albania, he emphasized that it is everybody’s responsibility to make Europe safer in such challenging times. Borrell welcomed the campaign that has already started in Serbia, to surrender all illegally owned weapons.

Borrell also stated the importance of a larger EU commitment to helping the Western Balkans fight against violence and guns trafficking. “We all know this activity is a great danger to our peace and stability. It’s a multiple threat and increases the risk of terrorist attacks as well,” Borrell added.

Present in the meeting, European Commissioner for Home Affairs, Ylva Johansson, also emphasized the importance of measures in order to prevent illegal gun trafficking in the region. Like Borrell, she welcomed the Serbian authorities’ initiative in collecting illegally owned weapons.

The EU has so far invested 38 million euros to help with gun control activities in the region.

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