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Petković-Bislimi meeting in Brussels did not bring any result

Photo: Twitter/Miroslav Lajčak

BRUSSELS – Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo Besnik Bilimi and the head of the Government’s office for Kosovo in Serbia, Petar Petković, met this Monday in Brussels under the mediation of the European Union. The meeting on a technical level did not bring any results in terms of reaching an agreement on the implementation of the Agreement on the path toward the normalization of relations between Kosovo and Serbia and its Annex.

After the meetings, EU Special Representative for Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue Miroslav Lajčak said that discussions will continue.  “We discussed that way forward on the implementation of the 27 February Agreement and aimed to clarify open questions. Discussions will continue”, Lajčak said.

According to Beslimi, the way the parties see the direction in which the dialogue process is going was discussed in Brussels. He said that “everything related to the implementation of the Ohrid Agreement” was on the agenda of the talks.

He confirmed that during the last week, Lajčak sent to Pristina and Belgrade some documents related to the competencies and mechanism for the implementation of the agreement, with the implementation of Declaration on Disappeared, as well as his approach on how to continue with the formation of Association of Serb Municipalities (ASM).

After the meeting Petkoć declared that the Serbian side insisted on the creation of ASM, but “it is not easy to talk with Pristina”.

“Bislimi did not want to give any specific answer and all the time he was trying to make sens of the flow of the dialogue with various intrusions”, Petković said, adding that Kosovo’s negotiator tried to interrupt the meeting several times, but parties “remained calm”.

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