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Sarrazin: Four German projects in RS suspended due to Dodik’s secessionist policy

Manuel Sarrazin; Photo: Stefan Kaminski

SARAJEVO – The German Government is no longer in the position to continue funding four strategic projects in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska (RS) entity because of RS President Milorad Dodik’s secessionist policy, and this was the message to Dodik, Special Envoy of the German Government for the Western Balkans, Manuel Sarrazin, told N1. 

“It is important for us to send a signal provoked by Dodik’s secessionist policy. We do not see ourselves in a position to continue the four strategic projects. We will have to suspend them. I think it is bad when such measures are not discussed. And that is why we said that we would suspend the projects. Still, it’s strange to resort to such measures and not talk about it. You have to understand that German taxpayers expect that they will be safe when Germany enters into such projects”, Sarrazin said.

He is visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina where he also planned to meet with Dodik. “We will remain active in the RS with mine clearance and welfare projects”, Sarrazin added.

German Federal Government decided to fully cancel four infrastructural projects in Bosnia’s Republika Srpska entity worth 105 million euros due to the secessionist policy of the Serb-majority part and its president Milorad Dodik, German Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina said on Wednesday.

According to a press release, official Berlin decided to let the projects expire and successively finalize them in that way and has informed Bosnia’s Foreign Ministry and project partners about that decision. The projects include two overhaul phases of the Trebinje hydropower plant, the overhaul of wind park Hrgud, and the wastewater disposal network in Gradiska. The RS President said yesterday that the international community’s High Representative in BiH Christian Schmidt will not be able to enter the RS from next week.

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