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Stano on demands for measures against Serbia: EU will wait for investigation before making a decision

Photo: Twitter/Peter Stano

BRUSSELS – EU Spokesperson Peter Stano stated today that the EU, before making any decisions or drawing conclusions regarding measures and consequences, will await the competition of a full investigation of the terrorist attacks on Sunday in Banjska, FoNet reported.

He declined to comment on reports suggesting that some EU member states had called for measures against Serbia. Stano emphasized that the EU had previously stated that the measures imposed on Pristina could also apply to Serbia.

Radio Free Europe reported today that at the Committee on Foreign Policy and Security meeting, ambassadors from several member states had called for measures against Serbia. Stano explained that the situation has changed following the terrorist attack in the north of Kosovo.

He reiterated that it is crucial for the EU to conduct an investigation to obtain a clear and comprehensive picture of everything that happened and who is responsible.

Regarding the video released by the Kosovo government showing the Deputy President of Serbian List, Milan Radojičić, and the need for a high-level meeting, Stano mentioned that there is always an urgent need for high-level dialogue for various reasons, and now it is more pressing.

“Decisions on measures and consequences will be made once all circumstances and culprits are clarified”, Stano said, adding that decisions will not be based solely on one video.

When it comes te elections in the north and the question of whether the Serbian List is an adequate interlocutor for new elections after everything that has occurred, Stano referred to the EU’s statement from last week and the positions of the four mayors.

He declined to engage in speculation, pointing out the current situation involving a terrorist attack in the north.

“Kosovo has its police force, and EULEX is acting as another security response. It is essential to await the results of the investigation, and decisions will be made based on those results”, Stano said.

He concluded that the EU does not rush ahead and does not draw conclusions without a proper assessment and understanding, especially in the case of something as serious as what occurred on Sunday.

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