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Belgrade Security Conference 2023 starts tomorrow

Photo: Belgrade Security Conference

BELGRADE – The second annual Belgrade Security Conference (BSC) will take place from 11 to 13 October, under the title “Reconstructing the Global (Dis)order”.

The panel discussion of this year’s conference will tackle the topics which include the war in Ukraine, regional instability of the Western Balkans, EU enlargement 20 years after the Thessaloniki summit, Green Energy transition and state capture.

“This year, the Belgrade Security Conference (BSC) aims to explore the current state of the global order and the multifaceted factors contributing to its disruption and propose strategies for reconstructing a more effective approach to global security”, reads the announcement.

Among the more than 50 speakers at the conference will be Manuel Sarrazin, German Federal Government Special Representative for the Countries of the Western Balkans, Christopher Hill, US Ambassador to Serbia, Daniela Schwarzer, Member of the Board of the Bertelsmann Foundation, Hannes Swoboda, President of the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies and Vessela Tcherneva, Deputy Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

The conference will be opened on 11 October at 17:00 by Igor Bandović, Director of the Belgrade Centre for Security Policy (BCSP) and Srđan Cvijić, President of BCSP’s International Advisory Committee. A short documentary on Milovan Milovanović, an early 20th-century pro-European Serbian statesman, will be screened during the opening ceremony.

According to the website of the Conference, BSC is the biggest high-level Western Balkan conference on foreign policy and security.

“The BSC is an environment for more stimulating and engaging discussions on the most relevant topics. The most complex challenges we face today, such as geostrategic challenges, the future of the EU, the fight for democracy, cybersecurity, energy dependency, fighting organised crime, disinformation, malign influences, require brave thinking and honest dialogue, which BSC provides”, the website reads.

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