N. T. Stiplija

Nemanja Todorović Štiplija is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of European Western Balkans. He is MA in European Politics from the Masaryk University in Czech Republic. Nemanja has a BA in Finances and Banking from the Belgrade Banking Academy (Institute of Economic Sciences). During his MA studies, Nemanja spent one semester at University of Konstanz, Germany, and several months in European Parliament. After earning his BA, Nemanja had worked in public relations and public affairs industry on various projects. He spent more than three years in respected regional PR agency, through which two years as external adviser of minister of Serbian government. Nemanja was manager of one of the first offices of MP for communication with citizens. Petnica SC alumnus, pioneer of social community management in political campaigns in Serbia, he is also respected heraldic artist.

Nemanja’s EU: freedom, diversity, prosperity