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Orbán: Europe’s influence is fading in Balkans

Viktor Orbán; Photo: European Union

cdm logoVALLETTA – Europe’s influence is fading in the Balkans, whereas the US and Russian influence is becoming stronger. Therefore, in order to stabilise the region, the accession of Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia in the EU should be accelerated, said Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban, CdM reports.

“The EU needs to defend itself from the upcoming ‘Muslim immigrants invasion’”, Orban said today in Malta, according to Malta Today newspaper.

Speaking at the congress of the European People’s Party (EPP), Orban said that migration brought only terror, “a short-term solution to the labour shortage and work for NGOs”.

“The EU should change to protect family values and Christianity, and its leaders should not be afraid of being called populist,” he said.

Orban required setting up centres for asylum seekers in Libya and called on European countries to do the same thing as Hungary did – to defend their borders by building walls, the Maltese newspaper reports.

“Borders can be fully controlled and do not believe anyone who says this is not possible. We defend the thousands of kilometres of our borders without any assistance from the EU. Hungary is a proof that the defence is possible, this is a real solidarity,” said Orban.

Hungarian PM also commented on the EU’s foreign policy and called for a change of direction, blaming US and European intervention in North Africa and the Middle East for lack of stability in these regions.

“We need to make the reform of EU foreign policy and to speak openly, even though it is painful. We are making huge mistakes and our failed policy has led to the destabilisation of North Africa and the Middle East,” said Orban.

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