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Davenport hopes Russia will not undermine Serbia’s EU path

Michael Davenport

BELGRADE – The head of the EU Delegation to Belgrade, Michael Davenport, has said that Serbia, like other European countries – including EU member states – is developing relations with Russia and expressed hope that this will be pursuable, but in a way that does not undermine Serbia’s European path and EU accession.
In an interview to Danas, Davenport said that the EU sees Serbia as a country that will back the pursuance of a joint foreign policy, being an EU membership candidate that has also opened the first chapters in its accession talks.

Serbia is expected to align progressively its foreign policy to the EU, Davenport said.

As regards the EU path, maintaining and strengthening the momentum of reforms is crucial for Serbia in 2016, Davenport said.

The Serbian government has placed economic reforms and fighting corruption high on its list of priorities, Davenport added, noting that the EU strongly supports Serbia’s economic reforms.

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