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Danielsson: Migrant crisis is not issue of Serbia, European challenge

Christian Danielsson; Photo: Delegation of the EU to BiH

“Migrant crisis is not the issue of Serbia, it is a European challenge that requires a joint solution,” said the Director General of the European Commission’s DG NEAR Christian Danielsson following a visit to the migrant reception centre in Obrenovac, the Delegation of the European Union to Serbia reports.

Danielsson told the press that the reception centre in Obrenovac, just as any other similar facility in Serbia, was an example of close cooperation between Serbia and the EU.

He said that the EU would continue to financially help Serbia manage those centres, noting that since spring 2015 the EU has provided Serbia EUR50 million to cover food and other costs, Delegation reports.

Danielsson said that the EU also donated vehicles for Serbian border police and the Commissariat for Refugees.

Danielsson also visited the thermal power plant Nikola Tesla in Obrenovac together with Serbian Minister of Energy Aleksandar Antić.


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