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Bushati: All those thinking to rule Macedonia without Albanians, afraid of values of European principles

Ditmir Bushati; Photo: European Union

ata_maliTIRANA –  “Macedonian Albanians do play the determining factor in democratic stability, Euro-Atlantic future of Macedonia,” the chief of Albanian diplomacy Ditmir Bushati points out in his reaction over the situation in Macedonia, ATA reports.

Albanian Minister of Foreign Affairs states that Macedonia Albanians as a state-forming population are clearly the determining factor in the democratic stability and Euro-Atlantic future of Macedonia. We will never cease stressing the need for development of Albania wherever they live, in respect for what they deserve, he said.

According to him, participation of Albanian factor in democratic processes will strengthen the Macedonian state.

“We have constantly encouraged the Albanian factor wherever it lives, even in Macedonia, to play a constructive role and get actively involved in democratic processes, addressing their concerns through institutional ways. Those thinking to rule Macedonia without Albanians are afraid of social equity, rule of law and values deriving from the European principles,” Bushati underlines.

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